Meeting Schedule

The meeting schedule generally follows this pattern through the month. Contact us if you have questions.)

  • First Sunday: 45 min. silent meeting, followed by business meeting.
  • Second Sunday: one hour silent meeting.
  • Third Sunday: 45 min. silent meeting, followed by potluck. 
  • Fourth Sunday: 45 min. silent meeting, followed by Quaker conversation on selected topics (often regarding queries, or other timely topics).

Visitors are always welcome. It is not necessary to stay for post-meeting activities (business meeting, potluck, or conversation), but visitors are also always welcome at those events too.

If you are new to Quakerism, feel free to contact us before coming if you want, or just arrive. We are a “friendly” and welcome group (if, perhaps, on the quiet side). We love to see new faces.

Upcoming special events:

None for the time being, due to caution around the threat of coronavirus.